Swimming with the Sharks: A Fish's Tale of Surviving Poker's Waters

Hey there, poker buddies!

Grab a beer, sit your ass down, and let me tell you a tale of a humble fish swimming in the vast ocean of poker for almost two years. That's right, I'm talking about yours truly!

Spoiler alert: I'm still a fish, but at least I'm a self-aware one.

So, if you're into poker, friendly banter, and don't mind some good ol' sailor talk, then read on, my fellow poker warriors! I've had my fair share of poker rooms, and let me tell you – they're all like a box of chocolates: you never know what kind of degenerate gamblers you're gonna get. I've played with the tight-ass nits who wouldn't even shove pocket aces if their life depended on it, and I've played with the maniacs who'd go all-in with 7-2 offsuit just to give the table a heart attack.

But hey, I guess that's what makes poker interesting, right? If it weren't for these wild-ass characters, we'd all be playing solitaire and crying ourselves to sleep every night. I've gotta admit, though, being a fish in this crazy world of poker ain't easy. It's like swimming with sharks while wearing a meat suit – it's exciting, but you're bound to get bitten in the ass.

You know you're a fish when you've got more leaks in your game than the Titanic. I mean, who needs a well-constructed betting strategy when you can just call every raise and hope for the best? But let's be honest, it's not just the sharks that are out for blood – even the other fish at the table are looking for a snack.

It's funny how everyone thinks they're the next Phil Ivey, but really, we're all just a bunch of fish flopping around in the same pond. And I'll be damned if I'm not the biggest fish of them all.

But hey, at least I'm not a stingy, miserable nit, right? I might not be raking in the cash, and I might be the one who's always complaining about bad beats, but you know what? I've had some great times, met some amazing people, and learned a hell of a lot about this crazy game. I may be a fish, but I'm a happy fish. And if you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point of playing poker in the first place? So, my fellow poker players, next time you're at the table, remember to have fun, laugh at your mistakes, and don't be too hard on yourself. Because at the end of the day, we're all just a bunch of fish swimming in this vast poker ocean, hoping to find that one perfect hand that will make us feel like kings – even if it's just for a moment.

Until next time, keep swimming, and may the poker gods be ever in your favor!

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The next step. PartyPoker, cash nl10.

Hello friends.

My last post was made in March.

Тhere have been changes in my life. I have passed to the next step and continue to move on. It will take me a lot of effort to achieve my goals, I'm ready. I thought a lot about the past, today and future. The main thing is not to be frivolous. The main thing is discipline and implementation of the  plan.


I continue to play at party poker, cash nl10. The opponennts in the game is "fast forward", just magical.



Football starts in Europe, after Euro2020. I will follow all the top games. I think the English Premier League will be the most intriguing.



Thanks for taking the time to my blog. Good luck everyone and win.

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AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #30 = Time for investing

Hey! How are you today????

So happy to be back in the CARDMATES SPACE! Well, we have another session to share with you!

I worked like hell lately, so i will share some random winnings, and the mixt moments.

PS: Was a period with lot of play on my phone, in the evenings, tired of so much work...

Lost of lot money in this event. Set vs set it's hard attack!

Daily are 3 Pinapple events, NEWS BIG! One 5.5 at 2AM and other 2x 1.1 in the day. I used to play the 12AM, which i won few times. This is one of the proofs lol

And the lobby event.

Otherwise, i "lost" on 5th , dominating with 70% of the chips from entire mmts, all shorts were doubled up from my stack....yea, i gambled a little, with not the best results, but happy to see a new bankroll on this pokerroom. It's a new start!

And i won 11T$ qualified in the MM -Sunday Storm. Sadly, i coudn't play the event...because was Sunday late, and i worked Nightshift in Monday. I still have the ticket, which could be divided in some small buyins in other tournament buyins. But i can't use this money in cash tables. This is good, a conservative way :)

Bankroll is down with ~80$.


1. In August i have 3 weeks Holidays , i will play more.

2. I will travel into the biggest tourism town from ROmania: Kronstadt ( or Brasov) and then i will see the Hermanstadt ( SIbiu). So happy, lots of german people there!

3. I will play only 1-2 events per evening, because i will use one small ipod or my phone.

4. It will be fun! My child will see a lot of new things :D

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AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #29 = Time for job...


I've tried so many times to write a mix of more sessions, but i started to upload only the photos from all devices.

Somehow, my internet wasn't the best last week, so i tried to play with no big risks.

Here we are, at the first with a deal:

I've shoved with A8o and he called with 78s, flop 7. Perfect!

In the paid places, with the head around other things lol!

This was a damn HU match! I've played with him more than 50minutes! And entire action was 2h 51min.

He was so aggresive and wanted to catch the best spot to call with premium hands.

I was so tired at this point that i remember only a thing: with this mtt i covered all buyins of the day. Cool!

I've tried some mtts on Americas Cardroom, with nice hands and wins. Bankroll forgot from last year, when i had around 50$.....

This was my best fold ever! I was shure that someone have the nuts and someone other top set, probably flush draws and other set. But it was the best fold. Normally i don't fold in this spots. Maybe comes :P.

In the same time i tryed a nice rebuy event, with top win!

This win was around my investition lol

Sereny was a weard player this time: maybe was drunk or smth. He made totally another gameplay. Probably thats why i lost him...

And this was the best result from americas: lost with stright draw vs set top pair.

remember swc? Playing sometimes there too...with no big interest.

And this is all!

Bankroll increased with ~250$!

Nice day!

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AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #28 = Bitcoin is down!!! My bankroll the same...

More motivated than anytime!

Well, is the same period like last year when i won more than 3k into my regular poker room. It was that month when my child was born, and the law let me one month at home with she!

Now she is 11 months old and i have the second month ( normally a couple have 14months to stay at home with the kids, i took 2 of them and the others comes to she's mother :P ).

So, i have more time for poker ,which is great!!!!

BUT..only after my kid is sleeping, like the challenge said: " after my bitcoin sleep", sometimes i say to my child "my bitcoin, my minicoin" :)))).

It's awesome to be a father!


I've lost a night for this win, and was not really a winning day...

tickets are always good!

He deserve!

And  i have a photo for you, in relation with bitcoin:

GL! Bankroll? down w almost 200$...

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Poker: various challenges

Okay.  I’m being a bit vague in my description, but that’s for a reason: I don’t want to share my poker goals yet as I’ve only got back in to the game and WOW am I rusty!  If I thought I was a bit rusty after 1 or 2 weeks off, when you haven’t played for around 3-4 months it’s a different story altogether.  Now I need to re-read all the poker concepts and strategies in order to beat the game.  So what is the difference between a winning player and an average to losing player?  The answer is simple: we profit from other players’ mistakes, which is why a sound poker strategy is key as well as discipline and concentration.

John Hesp - the £10 a game player who apparently won £2.3 million...let’s keep this dream alive!!

My secret goals and why I’m not sharing them.

If you can recall, in a post a long time ago I discussed this subject by following a Tedtalk idea which discussed the value in NOT sharing goals with others, and I very much believe in this as it will keep you more motivated to achieve them.  However, this wouldn’t be a very interesting post if I didn’t at least share something so...

One of my challenges is a revival of the $0 (not $1) dollar challenge! 

As pretty much all of my money is now invested in other things, I have decided to use the one thousand or so gold coins in my Pokerstars account to buy in for free ‘spin and go’ tickets and used this route to build up to about $2.50.  Using this tiny bankroll I’m now playing on the lowest cash game possible at the 0.01c/0.02c and aim to build it up.  Let’s see how I get on!  So far, there has been little action, but as well as catching up on my poker readings, I will be posting on here with interesting hands and (hopefully) positive outcomes.  Let’s keep this poker dream alive!

Good luck everyone (and it’s nice to be back). :))


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AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #27 = News from more sessions

More motivated than anytime! 

Well, is the same period like last year when i won more than 3k into my regular poker room. It was that month when my child was born, and the law let me one month at home with she! Now she is 11 months old and i have the second month ( normally a couple have 14months to stay at home with the kids, i took 2 of them and the others comes to she's mother :P ). 

So, i have more time for poker ,which is great!!!! BUT..only after my kid is sleeping, like the challenge said: " after my bitcoin sleep", sometimes i say to my child "my bitcoin, my minicoin" :)))).

It's aswesome to be a father!

Let's see the results from the last days:

I will use this ticket Sunday after 9PM, or during the week after 3AM!

On final table i won 80% of the hands!

Second chanse into one 22$ buyin event

Over the garanteed!

This was so cool mtt, i am so happy that i made it!

Late in the morning comes the money :)

I decided to share with the others but the second player wasnt confident with that. So i won it lol

Here is the lobby

I deposited some bucks to gain 2x this mtts tickets

Probably the most wonderfull hand, he checked in turn!

And yesterday, the most nice event (streamed by the second player). GG!

This was all for the last few days! Bankroll increased with 284$

See you next time!

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AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #26 = Unbalanced....

Hey guys! How works your session latelly? I didn't saw so much activity on this poker website, and i am thinking if they were here only for the prizes or ... (feel free to share some poker ideas).

Anyway, i share my sessions like i did before, because, as you probably know, for me, important is to be a part of the poker community, and not prioritize the incomes.

Probably, if i will stop in future is because time is too short doing so much things in life. Money are made to make other money or being spended.

So, here we are, after 26 sessions, with these beautifull results:

One of the most times when i loose my concentration for few bucks, lol!

And this was my favourite event, was hard to beat second place!

Bankroll : 2722.66$ and going downswing now. Today was a bad day, -93$.

GL to your game!

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Holidays or PokerJob #2 = Holiday Odds 1/2

This is a trully-time post, and because i am always organised with my time ( poker, family, part-time, past-time, party etc), i want to share with you what i made in my first 10 days from this Holidays!

As you probably know, this corona crisis and his political moves made me not travel so far...and i decided to make things that makes me feel good:

1. Today, after few weeks , i finally finished my forex portofolio with my long term transactions! I had invested a small part for my "loosing money" ( money for poker, other ideas of investing or other version of gamble). Of corse, all of them had won from poker.

2. I started a nice and interesant poker challenge on a relative new poker room, where i want to transform 0 into 1BTC. Yesterday i increased my chips to 1200 CHIPS (and we stop at 1.000.000 Chips)

3. Today i bought a big 2x2Meters bed, that will improve my sleep time a lot, because i don't have always enought. lol! Oh....latelly i slept a lot, but not in premium terms :P

4. Now to days ago i made a small party in my apartment, and my entire family was with me to drink (like hell), eating and have fun together!

5. I increased my bankroll into my favourite poker room....i was in a big downswing for a period.

I am really happy with my results untill now and i am not stopping here! I still have 10 wonderfull days :)

And, not the final thing, i wish to thank-you CARDMATES with his entire community, being so interractive and nice people ! >:D<


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AFTER MY BITCOIN SLEEP! Session #25 = The real truth!

Hey guy! How are you today? 

Probably good, and healty! Great thanks that you made time to read this! I will share a part of my thoughts with you here, because is the best time to do that!

Let's starting with the small part, the results of the session nr25:

I made i misclick of 6k, blinds were 600/1200 and the player from top raised to 6000. My wife came at me and she asked me something, In this time i instacall the 6000, with the thought that i call only 600 from SB lol. I don't know why and how, but i wasn't seeing the button from my right...Anyway the small stack shoved , the other one reraised shove, and i must call near 15k more to see the board. Decent in stack, i showed again at how many players are in paid places, i saw 2, and i called! RIVEEEEERR! Wonderfull spot, i won it. I will win the mtt!

This was the main hand that puts me in a confident position on FT.

After pressing his stack with all hands, he called with Q6<K3, and i said to him: "GG"! lol

Mikii99 is a realy tight player, but i decided to go with him ( personal reasons, lol, to recover some money from him)

Thats the way i like it. To see him bluffing! Also a really tight good player. He ruined my cash tables few months ago...

And this was the trophy. Proud of it!

About feelings:

1. I am a little bit late in this's really hard to increase my bankroll at ~50k$. I hope that Bitcoin have faith and go back at ~20k$ or even slower. It will be a huge impact for the crypto market, will lose a lot of people....I don't know what to say. Going further! We do something, we are not lazy, right???????!?!?!?!

2. The crypto industry is really volatile, i saw these days a lot of swings and downswings. My bakroll is in trouble there! But we don't stop here!

3. I am down to more than -500$, just because i withdrawed a big amount from my bankroll. That i felt in that time, no reasons to change that!

Bankroll: 2894.34$

GL in this sunday! See you next time!

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