Bryn Kenney won $597 000 from Michael Schwimer in one hand

Bryn Kenney 2021

Bryn Kenney is known all over the world for his big winnings. This time, he demonstrated another impressive result. The poker pro earned a tidy sum of $597 200 in cash game at High Stakes Poker show.

Bryn Kenney won this money in one hand against the American baseball player and poker fan Michael Schwimer.   

Bryn Kenney and Michael Schwimer

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In the final hand for Schwimmer, he made a bet of $4 000 from SB with K♣ 5♣, and Kenney called with 4♥ 4♣. The other players at the table also called. 2♠ 4♦ K♠ appeared on the flop and Kenney hit a set.

Michael made a c-bet of $15 000 and got a $52 000 3-bet from Kenney. The other players folded and Schwimer called.  

Blank card A♥ appeared on the turn. Schwimer checked, Bryn made a bet of $71 000 and he was called again. River with 5♦ improved Michael's combination to two pairs. However, he failed to stand against Kenney’s set when he invested another sum of $165 000.

At the end of hand, Michael Schwimer voiced several cuss words when he realized that he lost $597 200 to Kenney.

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