Building a Poker reputation...(one card at a time)


Life is a bit of a double edged sword, isn’t it?  In Buddhist philosophy, duality is everywhere, which basically means that when one person perceives on thing as a good thing, it can be the opposite for another.  Take the pandemic situation as an example, while one group of people can’t think of anything worse than staying indoors all the time due to a forced lockdown, others (the more introverted among us) absolutely love it.  To be fair, for both types of people it has meant one ‘good’ thing: more internet poker and gambling!  Of course, on the flip side (the duality) those against such things would see this an increase in internet gambling as a bad thing.


So with all this extra ‘indoor time’ at our disposal, it gives us lots of opportunity for internet poker, and this can be a good thing for some and a very bad thing of others. Let’s examine why shall we.                   



Using John Stones as an example (a Wolf among sheep)

First of all, strong and consistent performances out in the field in both cash games and tournaments can really help for a poker player to be successful long term winner, but sometimes it can take a long time to get there.  I’d like to jump to a football example to highlight this point.  The current Man City central defender John Stones, who enjoyed a fantastic start as a player at Everton, really has not had a good time at his new club in recent seasons.  


However in the last ten matches he has put together a series of such strong defensive displays that he has literally made himself a rock at the heart of the Man City defense now.  After a long time of inconsistency and frustration he has now found his form again and everybody looks at him in a different way.  The same can happen with poker players.  If luck and confidence are on their side, and they amount a string of positive results, then people start viewing them in a positive light.  Then with a good run of form, confidence increases.  In other words, the wolf never gives up.  Sometimes life is good, sometimes it is not. It doesn’t matter; that is life!  But if luck and (in all honesty lack of skill) is against you, then a lot of time spent playing poker can go against you!  Of course there may be a number of factors as to ‘why’ you aren’t winning at poker, and as all things, it is up to you to find out why.  Don’t end a loser and don’t chase the impossible realistic and honest with yourself if this is happening.



                     Men from the boys - focus on how you play, not the results!

Secondly, a wolf’s positive mental attitude can help him or her get through the inevitable difficult periods they may encounter with a losing streak on the poker table.  Sometimes the results just don’t happen, so it is important to think logically, clearly and to keep playing like this as if it were their first hand of the night.  Don’t worry about the results; over time, with good sound strategy play, the results will come.  Unless of course, you are actually playing badly and turning into the next big cash cow!  Be careful and know the difference.

                             Poker, like football, is a results business....but results come from skillful play


                                                     OUR REPUTATION CAN PRECEDE US 

Finally, our reputation precedes us, meaning the confidence and name we bring, quite literally to the table, can help influence other’s thoughts or behaviors towards us.  In a way we must forget this.  In another, if others have seen you play well or know you’re a strong player from watching or playing against you in previous games, they may be a little cautious against you.  This is a good thing as you can use this to your advantage, but don’t take this too far as otherwise it could get you burnt.  Other players learn and sometimes learn the right way of taking a big stack of chips off you!  This is life.  Consider your table image.

Thank you for reading - Good day to ya’ll.  Maroonfish.  ☘️ 

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