Canada's Oldest Poker Player: Gambler of 103 Years

Dong Nguyen at the poker tables

In the Canadian mass media, there was news about the country's oldest poker player who continues to play – Dong Nguyen. Nguyen is from Vietnam, so it is difficult to say how old he is exactly: according to the Western calculation, he is 102 years old, but according to the counting tradition in his native Vietnam, he is 103, because the fetal period is included there in the age of a newborn.

Nguyen himself considers himself not just a poker player, but a real gambler. From the time of his life in Vietnam, Dong developed a love for all forms of gambling. And poker came to his life last (but now not the least) – in 1996, 16 years after emigrating to Canada. Even after falling in love with Texas Holdem, the Vietnamese did not give up other types of gambling. He continues to mix up games to "change the tempo and the setting" when hitting the downswing. For example, Dong doesn't mind trying his luck at the blackjack tables if he's having a bad day at poker.

Due to his age, Dong cannot play completely independently – he is helped by his son Thach, who also acts as a translator, because his father only speaks Vietnamese.

When asked by reporters what is behind Nguyen's success in poker and gambling, he replied:

«You must be patient and wait for the cards to come».

According to his son, poker is Dong’s cure for all problems and illnesses. During the game, he forgets about all the mistakes and even about his age.

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