Cardmates updates from 05/01/2020

Cardmates is being updated to get closer to its readers.​

In 2019, on the Russian version of Cardmates, we created the GambleTalk section where you can write about everything related to poker, slots, casinos and the gambling industry. In general, a place to write whatever your heart desires about gambling.

We held several successful contests in which raffled large cash prizes among the best blogs.

And now a new stage has come: GambleTalk will now appear here. We also made a large-scale update of the user profile with statuses and rating system in the format of the aura.

What's new?

Major updates affected user profiles on the site and notifications.

1. Statuses (levels)

Now each user on the site will have a certain status which depends on his activity on the site. There are 10 such statuses.

There are also additional special statuses that are issued by the site administration.

2. Aura

A dynamic indicator of user activity on a site called "Aura" has been introduced. It works in such a way that the status of each user depends on its activity on the site and on the reputation within the community. Aura is measured in points that the user can get for writing a blog or comment and as a rating from other users. The aura progress bar is located in the user's profile and directly affects his status and ability to put and receive points.

Upgrade your aura with blogs, comments, forum topics, and other Cardmates activity. But do not forget what other readers and writers of the site evaluate you, so your aura can either go up from high-quality content, interesting stories and witty jokes, or go into a deep minus due to spam, rudeness and stolen stories.

Learn more about how aura works on Cardmates

3. Change in point system

Now each user can put and receive ratings only within the framework that his aura allows. This means that newly registered users cannot put more than +1 or -1 points, while a regular user of the site with an aura of 2 500 and an Expert status can put +7 or -7 points . In the same range of assessment his posts can be evaluated by other users. This is done for a more fair distribution of points.

4. User reviews

A column with reviews appeared in the user profile, in which all users registered on the site can leave their ratings for each other.

5. User activity

A section has also appeared in the profile that displays user activity. Notifications appear in it that the user made a publication, wrote on the forum, left a comment and his other activity on the site.

6. Notifications

Cardmates users can now subscribe to each other. Thus, it will be easier to monitor the activity of users who are of interest to you. Just subscribe to the player (follow him), and you will receive notifications on the site when he writes a post or creates a topic on the forum. The site will also notify you when someone comments on your blog and also about the release of new material on Cardmates.

7. GambleTalk Bloggers rating

The site has a publicly available rating of bloggers on GambleTalk, in which you can see the most interesting and popular authors among Cardmates users. It will also determine the winners of the Cardmates Bloggers Challenge – bloggers' contests, the first of which starts right now.

In honor of the large-scale update, starting May 1, we are launching a new big bloggers competition with a prize pool of $1 000! It's time to start your blog on Cardmates.

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Editor, translator. Part of Cardmates team since 2015. Started playing poker and other card games in high school, played a lot with friends and relatives. While studying at the university, I explored online games on various websites.
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