Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

Caribbean Stud poker rules

Caribbean Stud Poker (sometimes referred to as simply Caribbean Poker) is a popular form of playing against the dealer. The main task of the participant is to collect a combination stronger than that of the dealer. 

This type of poker is perfect for a person who loves card games, but does not like to spend a lot of time playing poker. In this format, the hands are very fast, you do not need to play for hours, as is the case in a regular poker tournament.

If in classical poker the participants oppose each other, then here there is a competition between the "house" and the player. The main essence of the game is to exchange cards to collect poker combinations. For them, payout coefficients are intended depending on the strength of the combination.

Caribbean Poker Rules

The rules are quite simple, but there are interesting features here. At the beginning of the hand, players make a mandatory bet, which is called an ante. The dealer then deals five cards to the player and himself. The croupier must put the 5th card on the board face up, so the player receives additional information.

Then you can either bet or fold. After placing a bet, you need to evaluate the strength of your combination. The strength of the combinations has the same sequence as in Texas Holdem. However, Caribbean Stud poker has a unique payout system:

Royal flushx100
Straight flushx50
Four of a kindx20
Full housex7
Three of a lindx3
Two pairsx2
One pairx1
Ace or kingx1

The winning amount depends on your combination. The stronger it is, the larger the payout will be. After all players have placed their bets, the dealer opens first. Some features of comparing the strength of combinations between the dealer and the player:

  • The dealer has not collected a combination (including ace and king kickers) – the player automatically takes the winnings.
  • Both the player and the dealer have a king and an ace in their hands – the winner is determined by the third highest card.
  • The dealer has collected a combination of ace + king and higher – there is a comparison of the strength of the combinations between the player and the dealer.


Once per game, paid replacement of your cards is allowed. Most often, the cost corresponds to the size of the ante. But not all online rooms have such a feature.

Game Progress

So how to play Caribbean poker? This is very easy to understand. During the game, you only need to do a few things:

  1. Place an ante bet and receive 5 cards.
  2. Decide whether to continue playing or refuse.
  3. Exchange cards at will.
  4. Place your bet and wait for the showdown.

The main goal: to collect a combination stronger than the dealer's. Both live and online, the dealer is limited in action and does not have the function of exchanging cards or abandoning the game.

Jackpot in the Game

The size of the jackpot may differ depending on the poker room where you play. To qualify for an additional payout, you need to make an additional $1 bet on it. You can get the jackpot only for a combination of flush and above:

Full house100$
Four of a kind500$
Straight flush10%
Royal flush100%

Hands in the Caribbean format pass very quickly (literally in a few seconds), after which you can immediately receive your winnings or continue. The game is very dynamic and attracts many fans.

Rooms to play Caribbean Stud Poker

In the poker lobby, most often there is no Caribbean poker, so in order to play it you need to switch to the casino tab. Then you can play for free in the demo version.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Caribbean Stud poker has both its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the pros:

  • Simple rules

A very simple game with minimal action. All you need is to make a combination higher than the dealer's. You don't have to think about anything else. There are 10 available combinations in total, which can be learned in a few minutes. The only thing left is to decide which card to change.

  • Easy game progress

From start to showdown, just a few steps. You don't have to spend a lot of time playing. For comparison, in tournament poker you can play for several hours, and in some events even more than a day.

  • No time limit

In classic Texas or Omaha poker, the time for a player's move is clearly limited. Even if you thought about the move for too long, you may encounter dissatisfaction with your opponents. Things are different in the Caribbean because you have unlimited time on your turn and you can gamble in a relaxed environment.

  • Playing against the house

For some players it is not very pleasant to win money from other like-minded people, or even friends. It is much better to beat the house or the dealer. In this regard, Caribbean poker is suitable for those who like to do this.

Let's end with the cons:

  • Luck is more important than skill

In classic poker, your skills come first, while in Caribbean stud poker, luck comes first. Of course, there are different strategies, but they do not guarantee victory, and the whole process of the game is based on which cards you get and which cards the dealer will get.

  • Low payout per pair

A pair is the most common combination that participants collect. With it, you can beat the dealer, but the coefficient for the payout is very small.

Caribbean poker is very simple and dynamic, which is why numerous gamblers from all over the world love it. Playing hands can be almost lightning fast, you just need to make a few mouse clicks and expect to win. What could be easier?

💎 How do you play Caribbean poker?

This poker format is played with the usual deck of 52 cards. The game is played not against other players, but against the dealer. Each participant receives five cards and decides on the bet or fold. There is also an option to make an additional bet to get the jackpot. The process of the game is described in more detail in our material.

🎯 What are the odds of winning Caribbean poker?

Winning in Caribbean poker is paid according to the strength of the collected hand. The player has additional information in the form of one dealer's card, on the basis of which he can better estimate his chances of winning. The highest payout is awarded for a royal flush combination. The chances of collecting it are very small: 0.0002%. However, there were situations when a player collected this combination twice in a row.

🎲 How do you qualify for Caribbean Stud Poker?

This discipline is very simple. You only need to know the order of poker hands: from high card to royal flush. Next, you need to find a poker room or casino where you can play Caribbean poker. After that, you can start playing against the dealer. Also, the player has the right to claim the jackpot, for this you need to make an additional bet.

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