Cash Drop at PokerMatch: get extra bonuses at the cash tables

Cash Drop at PokerMatch

On 15 February, Cash Drop promotion will start at PokerMatch. This promotion will give the cash players an opportunity to significantly increase their bankroll during the play in the poker room.

The innovation will be applied to the games at the limits starting from ₴0.25/ ₴0.5 ($0.01/ $0.02) at NLH and Omaha tables.

As part of promotion, 0.5% of the pot (no more than ₴5 from hand) will be given to a special prize pool. The accumulated amount will be raffled among the all players who fulfilled the conditions of promotion.

Two conditions should be fulfilled for participation in Cash Drop:

  1. Play at least 25 hands (from which the rake was extracted) at the limits from ₴0.25/ ₴0.5 ($0.01/ $0.02).
  2. In a moment of raffle, play at PokerMatch cash tables (not to be in a sit out).

The prize money will be divided proportionally among the all players who will fulfill the conditions of promotion. The amount of prize depends on the limit you play.

₴0.25/ ₴0.5 ($0.01/ $0.02)х1
₴0.5/ 1 ($0.02/ $0.041)х2
₴1/ ₴2 ($0.041/ $0.082)х4
₴2.5/ ₴5 ($0.1/ $0.2)х10
₴5/ ₴10 ($0.2/ $0.41)х20
₴10/ ₴20 ($0.41/ $0.82)х40
₴25/ ₴50 and higher ($1.02/ $2.05)х100

The prize calculation is carried out according to the formula:

The total prize pool of promotion at the time of raffle/ (the amount of players’ number of each limit x multiplier’s limit) * multiplier of the limit.

Cash Drop raffle will be carried out randomly, but no more than once a day and not less than once a week.

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