Challenge CLOSED for NO REASONS!

Hello guys!

I am so happy to be with you here again, even if i have bad.....really bad news!

My account from 888poker was closed after 4 weeks of sending emails and phone calls to verify my old account after the new poker laws in Germany. I am so disapointed that they did't made that in this time with the reason that i have no identity card with the adress from Germany on it.... I sended the oficial papers that shows to them that i live in Germany for 2 years, but they said that these documents are not "readable". I had rescanned my all documents that i have and again, resend to them. The same answer....

They said after a while that i need a "Reisepass" = Passport, but i dont have that, living in European Union.... I DON'T NEED THAT!!!

As a father, i must do this document to my child, if i want to visit my old-country next year. SO, i send a require to the Foreign Consulat and they asked me to have a passport also. So, i will make that and after that i will send to them for reopening my account OR creating another one!

So, untill this time: I QUIT! I have received my balance amount into my bank account and i will use it investing in trading....Probably untill next year  i will have there the amount equal to one bitcoin.

This was the story of my challenge. I was stopped, and i cannot go further.

There is a solution to transfer my entire bankroll into UnibetPoker or GGPoker, these are the rooms that allow me to play further. SwCPoker i guess is not anymore allowed to play from Germany.

These restrictions will make me thinking for another plan for the Future.

Untill that i celebrate the holidays from this Winter and we will see.

Ohh!! I was promoted at my job: i will work more time next year, but also not so big stress like now and, of corse, better paid!

I really hope this will not made me quit from poker!

We will see.....

Till next time, yours


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Sorry to hear this; good luck with everything - hope you can sort it out

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