"Chests & Ladders" at PokerStars: win up to $20 000 in prizes

"Chests & Ladders" at PokerStars

PokerStars has launched a new promotion called "Сhests and Ladders". From 1st to 21st February, complete tasks and get up to $20 000 in different prizes.

Play on PokerStars for real money in order to win Stars Rewards, which include dice rolls. Roll the dice and win great prizes in this promotion.

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Upon registration, you will see a "Сhests and Ladders" playing field. The field, divided into 49 cells and 7 rows, contains the following:

  • 5 ladders;
  • 15 promotional gifts ("Chests").

There will be a mark placed on the first cell of the "Сhests and Ladders" playing field after the registration. Each die in Stars Rewards gifts moves the mark forward by the number of cells indicated on it. For example, if you receive a die with the number 2, then you will move two cells.

Ladders on the playing field allow you to move up. If you stop in the cell with the image of the low section of the ladder, then you will be immediately moved to the cell with the top section of the ladder.

How to take part in the promo:

  1. Register at PokerStars if you don't have an account yet.
  2. Login to the PokerStars client.
  3. Open the "Challenges" tab.
    PokerStars promotion​ ​
  4. Open "Chests & Ladders" promotion.
  5. Click on “Start”.
  6. Play for real money and get the gifts with dice rolls inside.
  7. Use the ladder to climb higher.


  8. Reach the end and get extra prizes!

The "Chests & Ladders" tasks are made in the format of the board game referred to as "Snakes and Ladders". However, there is one difference: you should roll the dice and move up the playing field. Instead of snakes, chests and ladders are used here.

​Promotion prizes

If you stop in the cell where the gift is depicted, then you will receive a reward. Its value depends on the level of Stars Rewards gifts:


When you reached the cell №49, it means that you have fully completed the conditions of the promo. The prize also depends on your Stars Rewards level:

0,1%$250$500$1 000$5 000$15 000$20 000

Basic terms of the promotion

  • This offer is available from 1st to 21st February.
  • You must be a Stars Rewards member to be eligible to join the promotion.
  • All prizes are issued individually. These can be tournament tickets, free spins (if available), StarsCoins, and other rewards.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another player.
  • Unopened gifts will expire within 7 days.
  • Once you open the gift, the prize is immediately credited to your account.

The promo has already started. Hurry up and register at PokerStars to win cash prizes in the new promotion "Chests & Ladders"!

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