Chinese coronavirus adversely affected gambling industry in Macau

coronavirus in Macau

These days, people across the globe are talking about the epidemic of rare illness in China. In accordance with experts, more than 50 people have already died because of the unknown Chinese coronavirus, and the number of infected exceeds the mark of 1 200.

Authorities in China have introduced certain measures to avoid the spread of the virus. Thus, 13 cities were isolated, and 10 more cities are to be isolated soon. In addition, all public events, including the Chinese New Year celebration, were abolished. It goes without saying that this whole situation could not help but influence the sphere of gambling in Macau.

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The Bureau of Gambling Control, relying on support from the health authorities, helped local casinos purchase equipment that measure body temperature. Also, everyone who wants to get to the given area must pass an intensive vetting at the checkpoints.

The rooms at many Macau hotels were booked for staying during the first days after the Chinese New Year, but the epidemic of the unknown virus can substantially lower the influx of gamblers in local casinos.

According to data provided by experts, despite the shares of local companies slightly climbed following the visit of Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping (in December), Macau's GDP may drop by few percent over the year due to the new illness.

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