Chinese Lottery Player Strikes $30M Jackpot by Buying 50,000 Tickets with Same Numbers

Chinese player wins $30 Million by buying 50,000 lottery tickets

​​It seems that China has its own "time traveler". A few days ago, a lottery fan from Nanchang City invested 100,000 yuan (almost $14,000) in 50,000 lottery tickets. Surprisingly, the man decided to indicate the same numbers in each of them.

But the real miracle happened after the winning numbers were announced. The lucky person (who wished to remain anonymous) managed to guess all seven numbers and became the owner of a huge prize of $30,000,000.

It is known that on December 2, the man visited several vendors in Nanchang, purchasing Happy 8 Pick-7 lottery tickets. At some ticket offices, it was noticed that the mystery buyer immediately indicated the same numbers in the tickets, but no one attached any importance to this.

In the Happy 8 lottery, the quantity of winning numbers determines the size of the prize. Since the man guessed all seven numbers (40, 41, 42, 44, 63, 64 and 65), each of the 50,000 tickets earned him about $600.

A couple of days later, this man with an amazing intuition visited the lottery headquarters in Jiangxi to collect his winnings. Chinese social networks immediately exploded with discussions about the gambler's fantastic luck. Most people believe this case is a cunning plan by the Chinese government to draw attention to the Happy 8 lottery.

People's mistrust is explained by the fact that taxes from this lottery fund several civilian programs in China. However, one of the largest lottery sites in the country did not even publish news about this win, which contradicts this theory.

The man himself said that he has been regularly buying lottery tickets for five years. According to him, he spends up to 10,000 yuan a week on the lottery and believes that he has invested about a million dollars in his hobby for the entire time.​

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