Chris Moneymaker plays poker on the Stones Live stream

Chris Moneymaker 2019

In 2003, Chris Moneymaker trigged a real poker boom by winning the WSOP Main Even. He got a large sum of money ($ 2 500 000), a contract with PokerStars and a lot of opportunities. The player continues to play poker and demonstrate his skills, but is he still as good as 16 years ago?

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Last week, Chris took part in the $1/$2/$3 no limit Hold'em on the Stones Live stream. Some game contestants were pleasantly surprised to play with the poker star and get such great experience. WhirlingDervish (aka Sammy) also played on the aforementioned stream. He is an ex-online SnG player who switched to live cash games and now intends to win $35K playing live poker.

Chris Moneymaker was pretty humble at the table and his play can’t be called perfect. Watch the video to know the details!

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