Compulsive Gambler #7/ Good Day

Hello bettors;)

I want to start by saying that my last post got too little rating, this could be for two reasons:

  1. You are not interested in the topic of betting.
  2. The posts themselves do not suit you with something

If you have the second option, please write what I need to change, I will try to listen to you as much as possible.


Yesterday was a good day, we won both esports bets.

Both teams won simply, despite the fact that HR needed 3 maps.

But Golden State let us down, and having lost the first quarter with a difference of -13, they could not catch up with Denver.

In general, the day turned out to be successful, I hope today it will be even better, and we will finish it without loses.


  • Bets: 9
  • Wins: 5
  • Loses: 4
  • Average odds: 2.1
  • Bankroll change: +3%

As I promised, now we are profitable, I hope this trend will continue.

Predictions on 15.01

If yesterday we bet on underdogs, today I found some good bets on favorites.

In the first match, the teams that brought us yesterday's victories will meet. Both teams are in great shape now, but I don't understand why everyone believes in HellRaisers so much, in terms of their level of play they are a cut lower than Sinners.

We can make a good bet on the team from the Czech Republic.

Prediction: Sinners win

Koef: 1.85

Bet size: med

In the next match, we will see the opposition of the Nexus team, whose players are training very well now, and almost beat Winstrike, who are much stronger in terms of their level of play than the Budapest5 they are playing against today.

I think Nexus will not have any problems to outplay its rivals, perhaps even 2-0, but we will do more save and bet simply on their victory.

Prediction: Nexus win

Koef: 1.7

Bet size: med


In this match, the team from Dallas is clearly underestimated, they also have a series of victories, Doncic is gaining shape, and the Bucks won in recent games against not so strong teams.

I believe that the Mavericks will impose the fight on rivals, and I suggest you bet on a positive handicap for them.

Prediction: Handicap Dallas MAvericks (+5.5)

Koef: 2.05

Bet size: low

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow in my blog, do not forget to leave a comment.

Good luck;)

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