Daily $20 000 Leaderboard in Omaha and Hold'em discipline

​GGNetwork added two new leaderboards to the poker rooms of its network. Players can now compete in the Omaha and Hold'em Daily Leaderboard at any poker room in the GG network, including GGPoker.

They are held on a daily basis from 1 to 28 February and the prize fund does not change every day: all the same $20 000.

Hold'em leaderboards

Daily leaderboard at GGPoker

Every day, the poker room will give $20 000 for you in the daily leaderboards. All you need is to play hold'em cash games, earn points and earn rewards.

Your place in the leaderboard depends on the number of hands played and the limit on which you play.

Hold'em Leaderboard Table

Leaderboard (limit)Prize poolPrize places
5$/107 860$40
2$/5$5 585$50
1$/2$3 905$80
0.50$1$2 914$100
0.25$/0.50$2 052$150
0.10$/0.25$1 445$200

In order to find out what place you take in the leaderboard, you need to visit the official website of GGpoker. On its page leaderboards are constantly updated.

Do not forget about the happy hours, during which you can earn a lot more points. Playing from 22:00 to 00:00 (PT), the points you earn are multiplied by 1.5.

Omaha leaderboards

Omaha leaderboard at GGPoker

​A discipline such as Omaha was also not neglected. Similar leaderboards will be held every day in Omaha with a total prize pool of $20 000.

The conditions for earning points are the same as in Hold'em described above. The only difference is that these leaderboards are conducted exclusively in Omaha and PLO-5, and not in Hold'em.

Omaha Leaderboard Table

Leaderboard (limit)Prize poolPrize places
10$/20$6 830$20
5 890$50
4 640$70
3 105$90
0.50$1$2 019$100
0.25$/0.50$1 103$100

You can track your place in the leaderboard on the official website of GGPoker.

Omaha leaderboards also have happy hours during which you can earn a lot more points. Playing from 22:00 to 00:00 (PT), the points you earn are multiplied by 1.5. Good luck to all!

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