Daily Cash Game Leaderboards at PokerStars

Daily Cash Game Leader Boards at PokerStars

PokerStars has introduced Daily Cash Game Leaderboards, where poker players can earn additional prizes by playing their favourite cash games. The leaderboard winners will share $20 000 amongst themselves each day. 

How to join the promotion

  1. Register with PokerStars if you don't have an account yet.
  2. Log into the poker client.
  3. Register in the suitable leaderboard limit. You should do it once for the entire promotional period.
  4. Each leaderboard counts the first 200 hands per day.

At day's end, players who managed to earn the most points will get their share of the $20 000 prize pool. You can register in all nine leaderboards and thus receive 9 prizes per day.    

Earning Points

The number of points a player can score in a random hand depends on their hole cards values: Jack – 11 points, Queen – 12 points, King – 13 points, Ace – 14 points. A player get the points by adding the value of all four cards dealt to him.

For example, a hand K-5-A-7 is to be counted the following way: King (13 points) + 5 + Ace (14 points) + 7 = 39 points.

Leaderboard prizes

150$100$200$200$400$600$1 000$1 000$750$

Basic terms of the promotion

  • The promotion is running from February 28 to April 30.
  • This offer is only available to certain players.
  • To start earning points, you need to opt-in to the promotion via the poker client.
  • To check your current position, log in to the client and click on the "Leaderboards" tab.
  • Rewards will be credited to your PokerStars account within 48 hours.

Get extra rewards by playing your favourite cash games. Good luck everyone! See you at the tables!

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