Daily Leaderboard for Flip&Go at GGPoker

Daily Leaderboard Flip&Go at GGPoker

In January 2021, a new poker format appeared on GGPoker: Flip&Go. This format will appeal mainly to recreational players who are not ready to spend many hours playing tournament poker.

In Flip&Go tournaments, you can immediately get into the prize pool of the event. The event begins with the fact that everyone is forced to go all-in (discarding one of three cards). After the Flipout stage, the event slows down and turns into a traditional MTT.

Flip&Go Leaderboards

This poker format has its own leaderboards. Every day, $5 000 is raffled in them, and this prize pool will be divided among the winners of the leaderboards.

Buy-inPrize pool of the leaderboardNumber of prize places
$20$5 84030
$3$2 88580
$0.50$1 008120

How to earn points towards the leaderboard

You can earn points in two ways. For each game, a poker player has 1 point (basic points) and there are extra points for a Flip Bonus. If you play Flip&Go for 8 buy-ins and collect the Straight Flash Flip Bonus, you will receive 8 points for buy-ins and 32 extra points for the Flip Bonus.

How to earn points

Happy hours are active from 22:00 to 24:00 pacific time, all your points earned are multiplied by 1.5. You can check your position in the leaderboard on the official website of GGPoker. Good luck everyone!

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