Dan Bilzerian announced the termination of cooperation with GGPoker

Dan Bilzerian

Among the most prominent representatives of the poker industry, it is worth highlighting Dan Bilzerian, or as he is also called in the poker community, the "King of Instagram".

Although Bilzerian cannot boast of major poker victories, he has repeatedly become the subject of discussion in the community.

There were many scandals with the American poker player of Armenian origin, and Dan himself never chose expressions when he expressed his own opinion regarding any issue.

Because of his temper, Bilzerian has been repeatedly accused of sexism due to his phrases like "women can't play poker". He is also almost always surrounded by top models, with whom he arranges noisy parties and competitions. Once he even threw a girl into the pool from the roof of his house.

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In general, there are enough scandalous stories associated with him and it seems that Dan himself is not against such black PR. This PR at one point even helped him become a GGPoker brand ambassador.

And it helped the poker network a lot, because Bilzerian's personality attracted a lot of new players in a very short time. However, he does not appear to have any specific responsibilities to GGPoker.

Bilzerian recently stated on a podcast that he is no longer affiliated with the aforementioned poker network. Dan said that under the terms of the contract he was not supposed to do any promotion, but only to participate in high stakes cash games and work on a joint TV show. The TV show idea seems to have run its course, though that hasn't stopped the GGPoker network from using Bilzerian's media personality to promote their products under the terms of the deal.

It is worth paying tribute to the PR staff of the poker network, because they squeezed the maximum benefit out of cooperation with the scandalous poker player. Bilzerian himself admitted on a podcast that it is very difficult for him to promote any brands, even if he is paid very well for it. However, he also claims to have helped bring hundreds of thousands of players to the poker site.

GGPoker, in turn, did not make any official statements about this. As for poker, according to Bilzerian, he will play it much less often.

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