Dan Bilzerian decided on the title for his autobiographical book

Dan Bilzerian 2021

In the summer, Cardmates wrote that Ignite lost $50 million due to Bilzerian's spending habits. In December, Dan cleaned up his act and published a report for the fourth quarter, which indicated that the company had earned $10 000 000 more than for the whole of last year.

On Twitter, Bilzerian responded joyfully to the haters by writing the following:

Dan Bilzerian on twitter

Perhaps the quarantine and the absence of massive parties had a positive effect on the company's financial affairs? It is difficult to answer, but Bilzerian addressed another question, so his fans are now aware of how his autobiographical book will be entitled.

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It should be reminded that Dan earlier announced a contest among his social media followers for the best title for his book. Bilzerian promised to give $5 000 to the one who would offer the best book title of all. Among the most interesting titles were:

  • «This book title cost me 5 000»
  • «How to turn a trust fund into the world's longest mid-life crisis»
  • «Guns, buns, and daddy’s trust fund»

And so on. As you can see, Dan Bilzerian's followers have a good sense of humor. However, the King of Instagram's fancy was caught by another title, namely «Setup».

That is how his new book will be entitled, and the one who suggested such a title option will get $5 000. Perhaps this is the easiest $5K this person has earned in their life.

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