Dan Bilzerian insulted famous poker player

Dan Bilzerian 2020

Dan Bilzerian is a quite controversial figure in poker. The majority of the poker community questions his poker skills, and the King of Instagram assures those people that he has won more money than Dan Cates.

Earlier in December, however, GGPoker signed a contract with Dan Bilzerian. As a brand ambassador, Bilzerian is expected to attract more high-stakes cash players, as Dan himself often plays poker at high stakes.

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But, Bilzerian would not have been Bilzerian if he hadn’t been caught up in a scandal. The thing is, many Twitter users reacted ambiguously to that news. Some of those people spoke negatively about Bilzerian and were disappointed with the choice of GGPoker.

All Bilzerian’s sins have been recalled, especially how the player threw a naked model into the pool.

Insulting Vanessa Kade

Vanessa Kade is a Canadian poker player who has repeatedly participated in major WSOP tournaments. Vanessa did not like the fact that Bilzerian had become the GGPoker ambassador so that the girl expressed her dissatisfaction on Twitter:

Vanessa Kade twitter

Bilzerian replied quite succinctly to her tweet:

Dan Bilzerian on twitter

To such an insult, Vanessa reacted with irony and made the image of a hoe her profile picture on Twitter. Now, all that remains is to wait for the reaction from GGPoker. Vanessa is waiting for apologies from the poker room’s representatives for their ambassador, but, as it is known, bad PR from Dan Bilzerian is also part of advertising.

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