Dan Cates acknowledged Phil Galfond's superiority

Dan Cates

Last week, Dan Cates played Mini Galfond Challenge against Phil Galfond, and unfortunately he lost. According to the terms of challenge, the loser had to record a video in which he would explain why the winner is the best person and poker player.

Cates is a man of his word, so he recorded the promised video and posted it on Instagram. In this video, Dan emotionally tells about Galfond’s superiority and calls him "Mr. Falcons". At the same time, he doesn’t forget to express his dissatisfaction with the outcome of game’s results:

This really was just the beginning. In addition to mini-challenge, the guys agreed in advance on a full Galfond Challenge. Therefore, Cates still has a chance to take revenge on Galfond and show which of them is the best poker player.

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I think he don't believe that  Phil is better))) Just  did what should)

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