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The other day, Daniel Cates, who has won over 7.3 million in live tournaments and a few million more online, announced that he was going to shift his focus from poker.  The game has been Daniel’s main line of work for the past 10 years, but the guy wants to set up his own businesses. So far, the high roller does not know or does not disclose what kind of activity he is about to undertake, but it seems that the guy has a can-do attitude.   

This is evidenced by the poker player’s intention to take part in a program called "The Project". This project was created by Bedros Keuilian – a business consultant, founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, which is an international chain of fitness franchises. He believes that physical activity, healthy sleep and proper nutrition are keys to the success of modern businessmen, and these three simple rules will help improve discipline and concentration, which, in turn, will lead to increasing productivity.

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«The Project» is a 75-hour program (3 days and 3 nights) of physical, mental and emotional experience, designed to help men improve their physical fitness, as well as financial state.  

Daniel expressed his willingness to join the project on his Twitter page, writing an appropriate post and noting that it would be quite tough challenge:

«Doing this thing called «The Project» by Bedros Keuilian, which is essentially going to be Navy Seals training for life. There is a bell you can ring to quit if it’s too hard that 50% of very tough guys ring. Really don't think I'm ready but I'll entertain bets against me». 

There is a reason that the guy compared the project with the training program of the Navy SEALs, as the group of instructors of this 75-hour challenge includes US Marine, US Navy SEAL and mixed martial arts expert, that is, people whose competence is beyond any doubt.

The Project

The player’s subscribers immediately began to discuss Dan’s participation in The Project, and his «workmate» Shaun Deeb even asked whether Jungleman would be «doing all the exercises himself».

Cates later added that the program would start in 4 days, meaning that within a week we will find out whether the poker player will complete this challenge. Do you think Daniel is capable of doing it?  

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