Daniel Negreanu failed the first level of $300 000 SHRB tournament

Daniel Negreanu

​Recently, the success of the legendary poker pro Daniel Negreanu visually looks like a roller coaster.

After an offensive loss in the heads-up against Douglas Polk, Negreanu managed to win several big tournaments, including Poker Masters Event #5. However, some days ago Daniel again received a stroke of fate in the form of a cooler in the expensive Super High Roller Bowl tournament.

It's not just about Negreanu’s failure in hand, this is about his bad luck in the first level of SHRB tournament with a huge buy-in of $300 000.

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The legendary player fought against Michael Addamo (the owner of Poker Masters 2021 purple jacket). Negreanu raised from the button with A♥-K♦ and Addamo called with 8♠-6♣. The following cards were dealt on the flop: 5♣-7♥-9♦. Both players decided to check and A♠ appeared on the turn. Negreanu raised, Addamo made a big re-raise and Negreanu called it.

5♥ was dealt on the river and Addamo went all-in. Negreanu used his extra time to think and decided to call. Unfortunately, he lost the hand.  

In total, this tournament collected 19 entries and its prize pool reached the mark of $5 700 000. Follow the Cardmates news feed to know the name of champion.

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