Daniel Negreanu: «Slowroll is a sociopathic behavior»

Daniel Negreanu 2019​The WSOP series is in full swing and Daniel Negreanu is actively participating in the tournaments as he promised earlier. The guy often posts news from casino halls and shares his thoughts on organizational issues. Today, KidPoker tweeted a suggestion for changing showdown rules:

This offer of the player has not gained popularity among his subscribers. Commentaries to the post were mainly of the following nature:

«I respectfully disagree. I think that the person who made the last bet / raise should show first. The person calling is paying to see their hand».

«I have always played that the player that gets called shows first no matter which is all in. If you get called you show first».

Right after this suggestion, Daniel expressed another thought:

Later, the player added that he doesn’t often get slowrolled and that it doesn’t bother him very much, but he would never do this on purpose. Despite slowrolling doesn’t hurt the guy, KidPoker considers such behavior classless and wrong.

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In this case, there were more people who agreed with Negreanu.

Poker professional Shaun Deeb couldn't resist the post and commented the following:

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