David Baker took down $1 500 LH event at the WSOP 2019

David "ODB" Baker​David "ODB" Baker, poker professional from the USA, remained a chip leader on the second and third game days of the $1 500 Limit Hold'em tournament at the WSOP 2019. Closer to the final table, the situation didn’t change and the American was working hard on winning his second bracelet in poker career.

In March, Baker won the WPT and received over $1 000 000 for finishing first. This time he got only $161K in prize money, but this amount is much more valuable due to the gold bracelet.

«It was a huge burden. All my friends had more bracelets than me, so I’ve really wanted to get the second one for a long time and finally did. I’m thrilled», David said.

At the start of the heads-up battle, David had a three-fold advantage on the stack over the second finalist Brian Kim. With the passage of time, nothing changed and the gap between the opponents was only growing with every passing hand.

David Baker WSOP 2019

In the final hand of the tournament, Baker collected a pair of jacks and went all-in. Kim called having flopped 9-9. On the turn, Kim hit a flush draw, but the river didn't bring win to the player. Brian became the runner-up of this event, and David Baker went to accept the congratulations from his friends and fans.

WSOP 2019: $1 500 Limit Hold'em final table results

  1. David Baker (USA) – $161 100
  2. Brian Kim (USA) – $99 500
  3. Dominzo Love (USA) – $68 300
  4. Ruiko Mamiya (Japan) – $47 700
  5. Chris Ferguson (USA) – $33 900
  6. Chicong Nguyen (USA) – $24 500
  7. Kenneth Donoghue (USA) – $18 100
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