David Peters became the champion of US Poker Open tournament

David Peters 2021

​In recent months, the American poker player David Peters has been earning impressive prize money both online and at the live poker tables.

Some days ago, he won a big $10 000 US Poker Open High Roller event. This tournament collected the largest turnout in its history, namely 99 entries that formed a prize pool of $990 000.

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David Peters became the champion of this tournament and earned $217 800. The American player Jared Jaffee finished as a runner-up with a payout of $158 400. At the final table, almost all players (apart from the Croat Ivan Zufic) were from the United States. Alex Foxen also got to the final table and took the fifth place with $79 200 of prize money.  

Results of $10 000 US Poker Open #7 final table:

PlacePlayerPrize money
1David Peters$217 800
2Jared Jaffee$158 400
3Andrew Lichtenberger$118 800
4Brock Wilson$89 100
5Alex Foxen$79 200
6Ivan Zufic$59 400
7Dan Shak$49 500
8Kristina Holst$39 600

In heads-up, Peters had a significant advantage over Jaffee. However, soon their stacks became almost equal. In the pre-final hand, Peters limped with 4♦-♥ and Jaffee checked with 8♥-4♠.

J♣-4♣-3♣ were dealt on the flop and David hit two pairs. Jared made a check-call.  4♥ appeared on the turn and improved David’s hand to a full house and Jared hit trips. Jaffee checked on the turn and Peters made a large bet. Jared decided to call David's over-bet on the 9♠ river and as a result, he left with 10 BB.

In the next (final) hand, Peters shoved with A♥-8♣, but Jaffee called his bet with K♠-2♣. David managed to resist, by hitting a pair of eights and became the champion.  

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