David Rush sets chip stacking world record

David Rush 2020

David Rush is a famous Guinness World Record breaker. In recent years, he has managed to break more than 150 world records. According to the guy, breaking records is not just a hobby but one of his main life’s goals.

David has nothing to do with poker – he doesn't play this game. Nevertheless, he decided to break the record for the most poker chips stacked in 30 seconds. The previous record was set by the Italians Silvio Sabbe and Rocco Mercurio in 2019: in half a minute they managed to stack as many as 42 chips.

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Being famous for his record-breaking achievements, Rush decided to break this record as well: he intended to pile up 48 chips in just 30 seconds. In doing so, it was necessary to adhere to some rules:

  • There is a special field for stacking chips, marked with colored tape. One cannot exit the field.
  • It’s allowed to use one hand only, and all poker chips must be of the same size.
  • Chips that cross (or even touch) the separation line will not be counted.
  • The pile of poker chips must be stacked ten centimeters from the stacking area.

David eventually broke the old record by stacking 48 poker chips in a pile in half a minute. You can see how it went by watching the video:

It’s worth noting that David has set another poker record: he succeeded to balance 100 chips on one finger. Also, among his Guinness achievements are such unusual records as 98 broken pencils in a minute, 1 liter of lemon juice drunk in 16 seconds, 65 kiwi cut with a samurai sword in 60 seconds, and others.

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