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Day of bad play...

Hey, buddy 😒

Yesterday was the day when the game did not work at all to win 😡 Every now and then I lost all- ins, opened unnecessary satellites, as a result, I fell into a terrible tilt. But since I have blocked expensive limits, I haven't spent my bankroll yet. So, what happened to me? As usual, I wanted to participate in expensive "Bounty Builders", for $7.50, for $11, and I couldn't qualify through satellites, after which I started playing satellites in the shutout format. The game is very dispersive. I can lose them 5 times in a row, being exposed with much more equity, this is my problem, a solid ludomania, and then tilt 😡

In total, there are many more screenshots with lost hands than with winning ones:

It was unbearable! A little later, I decided to open the cash tables, there were only two of them, and I was probably the weakest player behind them 😐 I only played 25 hands, and lost 2 buy-ins... I'm such a bad player when my mood is at zero, who would know... At cash tables, opponents feel that it becomes harder and harder for you to focus on the game every time you are in a tilt, they use this and your money turns into their bankroll) Terrible! I need to stop playing if I feel bad, I mentioned this in the last post, but obviously I don't care... 😐 

All in all, I lost more than 10 bucks. I'm in a bad mood right now, and I need to do something about it, maybe I'll get back to normal in 2-3 hours, but I don't know for sure. Maybe I will play only at cash tables today and try to get back what I spent, although this series of bounty tournaments does not give me peace of mind) My psych profile, as a player, needs a complete reboot) Otherwise, I'll just mentally destroy myself... It was hard to write about it today, but how else? 😟

Bye bye 😒

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