Shaun Deeb refused to pay money for a prop bet with Tony Miles

Shaun Deeb 2021

Three years ago, Shaun Deeb made a prop bet with Tony Miles. According to the prop bet, the ME WSOP 2018 runner-up had to advance to the second round of the American Ninja Warrior show. In this show, strong-built people should go through a tough obstacle course.

Miles bet $5 000 on his victory, and, under the terms of the deal, Tony could receive different amounts for completing that task:

  • If he had won the prop bet in the first year, he would have received 25 to 1 ($125 000).
  • If he had won the prop bet in the second year, he would have received 20 to 1 ($100 000).
  • If he had won the prop bet in the third year, he would have received 15 to 1 ($75 000).

In 2019, Tony qualified for participation, but left the show after the third challenge. Due to coronavirus, the show was not held in 2020, but the year was counted towards the prop bet. Miles didn't give up and took up his last chance with renewed vigour.

Tony Miles 2021

On the third attempt, Tony managed to complete four tasks, following which he fell into the water. But, thanks to his speed and length of the distance, Miles made it to the second round, entering the top 30 “warriors” at that stage.

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The condition would appear to be satisfied, as Miles reached the second stage, but Deeb doesn't seem to think so. Tony argues that it's not important how he got to the second stage, as the exact way was not specified in the conditions of their prop bet.

The story ended with Shaun blocking Tony on social media and refusing to pay $75 000. The WSOP ME runner-up decided not to get upset and paid Shaun Deeb $5 000. He also thanked Shaun for the rewarding experience he had on the American Ninja Warrior show.

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