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Deep into the GGPoker fields!!

New day, new way to nice results! This is my rool when i don't work the next day :))

I've made a huge mistake and cash in this mtt on 5h loosing with 88 vs Q9 on flop 952. I choosen to check-raise in this flop, and the chipleader maniac reraised-shove me. Turn and river were two Jacks, without any improvements. In this way i lost on 5th with the second stack from table....

This was the best hand from last 16th players.

After that i tried some cash tables, with not the best succes! :)

I've stacked few players, but we are still in graphics! :)

GL at the tables !

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excellent pot 8.66

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tinatam had ~17$ into one NL2$ buyin maximum! what a good player! i guess they have both AAxx or one KKxx, i have suited draws. which works good in this pots!

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