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Lately, I have only half of Sunday as a day off, just because I have so many new tasks to do: a marathon, an intensive, a training, streams... I want to have time to do everything quality and efficiently, so I can not afford to relax all Sunday.

Also, the PokerStars fishes are one of the best at the moment on Sundays. I didn't notice such a big difference when I was playing in China and I don't know why. Maybe it is just the specifics of my room or it happened locally.

I think you shall remember, I started to play on the PokerStars, but something doesn’t work out very well, despite the teams are weak, I see a bunch of moments where it is easy to cash in, and there are enough fish. But the green line, damn it, doesn’t want to go up from the zero. Of course I’m used to rakeless games and maybe a little loose, but I think that I adjusted the ranges correctly, although the rake goes too high, almost $1000 to 10000 hands, considering that the RB on PS is about 0 ...

But I just want to update the achievement and to show 10bb at a distance of at least 50k hands, the teams allow it. In general, all this 6 mass mathematics is very useful for playing later on in China, as afterward it seems even easier.

By the way, who knows is the EV line at cashouts correctly considered or not?

Sometimes you play for weeks and think that the day off is not especially needed. I generally support not taking big breaks in the game. This is the same when you're playing a musical instrument: if you stop playing, you immediately lose your feeling. In poker it expresses in the loss of a sense of correct reading of your hands.

In general, I made a rule for myself. It’s better to play for 3-4 hours every day than to play 8 hours per day 5 days per week and then have a rest for 2 days. Because then you have to spend the day to get in shape and thereby lose the edge. Personally I don’t like it. But at the same time, I can tell you that the weekends are surely needed to unload the brain and nervous system, otherwise, you can imperceptibly drain yourself and then stay tired for an unknown period of time.

And what do you think about relaxing and working time, do you lose the feeling of playing if you take breaks for 2 or more days?

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