Distance will return it all

Hey mates,

More than sure all of us heard or saw this phrase, today’s post is more questions, hope we together find answers. First thing - I still don’t understand if this about cash or tournaments. Maybe both? With cash poker it makes sense, couse if you’re good with fundamentals and mentally stable, know the spots and willing to gamble, when it’s worth it - I can see how you can get it in the long run. The only thing bothers me here is - time! How long is this long run? 10k, 100k hands? Different for all? When I’m tilted - does it count as a run twords that distance or it’s a step back? If I decide to spin n gos during the brake will this count?

More questions with tournes as we slowly approached it. I know a man, who played almost 100k tourneys with no significant return. Grinding hardcore nonstop for almost five years and playing every poker game possible. Is five years a long distance or not? 100k tournaments more than enough? There is a guy, that plays WPT every year for more than 20 years and never made it to final table. What about him? Let me know what you think, at least tell me if im out of my mind.

Good luck



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How are you comrade? 

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chilling) what's up?

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