Douglas Polk's incredible fold at High Stakes Poker

Douglas Polk 2021

Poker community is actively discussing the latest episode of the acclaimed American poker show High Stakes Poker.

In the last episode, the American poker professional Douglas Polk and the current record for the most WSOP bracelets Phil Hellmuth were involved in an interesting hand.

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Doug Polk made a rather difficult fold in the hand against Hellmuth but it saved him.

Polk wrote about that situation on his Twitter page:

Douglas Polk on twitter

Such situations are actually rare, as it is very difficult for any player to fold a straight that they have hit on the flop, but Polk resisted the temptation and did not call Hellmuth's all-in.

If Hellmuth had made a value bet, Polk, perhaps, would have paid him off at least one more street. On the other hand, Phil still won a $110 100 pot, which is also great.

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