Doyle Brunson's Wife Louise Passed Away

Louise Brunson passed away

Doyle Brunson's wife Louise Brunson passed away last week. Their daughter Pamela announced this on social networks. According to her, the mother died quietly in her sleep.

Louise Brunson died just five months after the death of her legendary husband. The Brunsons were married for 62 years and have two grown children: Todd (Poker Hall of Fame member) and Pamela. Another son named Doyle died at the age of 18.

Doyle, Louise and Pamela Brunson

Doyle, Louise and Pamela Brunson

About Texas Dolly's priorities
About Texas Dolly's priorities

It is worth noting that although Doyle Brunson played poker throughout his life until the very end, the game was never his main priority. The legendary poker player always prioritized the care of his wife, who had health problems in recent years.

Louise and Doyle met in the late 50s in San Angelo (Texas), where she worked as a pharmacist. One day, together with colleagues, Louise went to a local club to listen to country music. Doyle was just relaxing there with his friend Brian Roberts (champion of the 1975 WSOP Main Event).

During their acquaintance, Doyle told his future wife that he was a bookie. Interestingly, Louise had no idea who bookmakers were and for a long time believed that her lover worked as an accountant.

The couple lived in marriage for most of their lives – during all this time their love for each other never faded. During her only major interview, Louise Brunson told how they managed to live together for more than 60 years.​

"Love. True love. We’ve had a really happy marriage. That’s why you really need to be in love. Because it will bring you through."

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