Dutch players to get their taxes on PokerStars winnings refunded

PokerStars 2021

Gambling legislation in the Netherlands has not been updated for a long time. Until recently, the country followed a law dating back to 1964 that equates online poker with other games of chance.

Also, according to this law, Dutch players are required to pay a monthly tax on their poker winnings. Lots of players have been dissatisfied with the tax situation, so they appealed to the highest judicial authority of the country.

Dutch players’ attempts to reduce the tax pressure have been crowned with success, and in 2015, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands ruled that poker players of the rooms established in the EU would be exempt from paying taxes.

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Players were accessing the Stars lobby through the PokerStars.eu domain, but they paid taxes on the winnings for a long time. That said, the court proceedings continued.

A new law that is supposed to replace the regulations of the ‘60s has made the difference. In order to stop the protracted judicial proceedings, the Dutch tax office offered players a settlement agreement.

Under this agreement, PokerStars.eu players will be returned all the taxes they paid over the past nine years. This settlement was introduced to attorney Pepijn Le Heux, who represents poker players (nearly 130 people) in the court.

It is expected that a similar agreement will be offered to all other Dutch players who play on PokerStars in the near future.

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