Dvoress and Andreanoff Emerge as Champions in Closing Events of Triton Monte Carlo Series

Daniel Dvoress and Gavin Andreanoff on Triton Poker series

The busy Triton Poker series in Monte Carlo has officially come to an end. And the names of two more champions became known, who managed to receive the coveted titles before the end of the festival.

First, event number 11 was played in pot-limit Omaha in the bounty format. The final table brought together such professionals as Tom Dwan, Daniel Dvoress, as well as Danny Tang, who had already shown excellent results in this series. However, the best of all was the Briton Gavin Andreanoff, who defeated the Chinese Quan Zhou in heads-up, and won his first Triton victory and $547,000 in prize money (including knockout rewards).​

It is interesting that for Andreanoff it was only the second tournament at Triton in his career. The first was also the Omaha event in London, where he got into the prizes, taking 6th place. So he currently has a 100% winning rate in Triton tournaments.

Gavin has been playing poker professionally for many years, mainly Omaha cash live and online. He dreamed of winning the Triton statuette, and is very proud of this achievement.

1Gavin AndreanoffUK$547,000
2Quan ZhouChina$389,000
3Danny TangHong Kong$178,000

The last event on the schedule, number 12, was also Pot Limit Omaha. And the winner was Canadian Dan Dvoress (the same one who reached the final table in the previous event). It is not the first time for him to win the final tournament of the Triton series – this year in Cyprus this is how he received his first champion statuette.

Interestingly, Dan played heads-up with Danny Tang, who really wanted to add another title to his collection. However, luck was on the Canadian's side.

1Daniel DvoressCanada$956,000
2Danny TangHong Kong$664,000
3Nacho BarberoArgentina$439,000
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