Tom Dwan loses a $148 700 pot in one hand at High Stakes Poker

Tom Dwan at High Stakes Poker 2020

New season of the famous TV show referred to as High Stakes Poker has taken place on the streaming service of the popular American poker resource PokerGo.

The first episode of High Stakes Poker Season 8 featured eminent poker players and American celebrities like Phil Hellmuth, Nick Petrangelo, Tom Dwan, Michael Schwimer, Rick Salomon, Brandon Adams, Jason Koon, Brandon Steven, Phil Ivey, Ben Lamb, and Brynn Kenney.

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In that episode, one of America's most famous online high rollers, Tom Dwan, lost a huge pot of $148 700 in the hand against well-known American baseball player Michael Schwimer.

A teaser for the first HSP episode with this hand appeared on the PokerGo Twitter page:

On that hand, Tom Dwan with J♠J♥ bet $5 500 on a 10♣9♠2♠ flop and got 3-bet ($17 000) from Michael Schwimer who had 10♦9♦. Dwan decided to call; the turn brought 4♣, which made Tom check. Schwimer, in turn, made a $33 000 value bet and was again called by Dwan. A♥, which turned out to be a "blank", came on the river. Schwimer again made a strong value bet of $20 000 and Dwan called. As a result, Tom lost the hand with an overpair against two pair.

Unfortunately, the new season of High Stakes Poker is only available to PokerGo subscribers, meaning that you can’t find it in the public domain now.

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