3 effective ways to quickly increase aura on Cardmates

The aura on Cardmates is a new indicator of the activity and reputation of users on the site. We have a great post about what an aura is and how it works. Here you will find information how to quickly gain an aura and increase your status on the site.

1. Fill out user profile

This is a tip for all new users of the site. Once you sign up at Cardmates, you get 50 points in the aura. 25 more points will be brought to you by filling out the profile. And this means that, having completed these two simple steps, in a couple of minutes you will approach the status "Enthusiastic" instead of "Beginner".

2. Start a blog

The fastest way to get an aura on Cardmates is to write quality blogs. Why? Because every new blog post brings the user +10 points to the aura immediately after posting + post rating. This is the highest source of aura on the site.

But, here it’s worth immediately clarifying that the posts should be of high quality and interesting because their rating can be both positive and negative. And for every minus in the blog you get a minus in the aura.

Therefore, avoid bad posts that can cause a negative reaction from the community.

Advertising posts and spam will be immediately deleted from the site and will entail a temporary or permanent account ban.

If you write well, this will increase the likelihood that other users will follow you, and this will bring you +5 more points for each follower.

Remember that one good post will bring you more points to the aura than 10 bad ones.

3. Be active on the site

Points are earned not only by blogs and followers, but also your comments and subscriptions. For each comment on the site, the evaluation of posts in GambleTalk and each new subscription to someone you get +1 point in the aura. In addition, your comments can gain pluses that will enhance your aura, but on the other hand, they can also bring you minuses, so be careful with expressions.

Blogging is good, but don't forget about other activity on the site. So, for example, every review to a poker room, film or book will bring you +5 points in your aura. Share your opinions and honest experiences. This will be a plus for you and useful to other users.

3 important reasons to gain a high aura on Cardmates

  1. An aura enhances your status and reputation on the site.
  2. The more aura you manage to accumulate, the more points you can put to users, and they can put to you. Indeed, even if the other user has a high status, and you is only a Beginner, he will not be able to give you more than +1 point, both in the profile and in the blog.
  3. Users with high aura are more likely to enter the prize zone of blogging contests.

We look forward to your fascinating blogs about poker, casinos, slots and other gambling related stories.

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