Elky tested positive for Coronavirus

Elky tested positive for Coronavirus

The famous poker player Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier and his fiancée Jenny rested in Thailand in February. Upon returning home to Prague, they decided to comply with the quarantine and stayed at home.

But, when the couple went outside for the first time in two weeks, they called Uber to reach the necessary destination. Unfortunately, no one knew at that time that the taxi driver had been sick with the coronavirus. Bertrand and Jenny learned about this in a message, which they received a few days after the cab ride.

As it turned out three days later, the driver, who had a positive test for coronavirus, was in contact with 90 passengers.

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48 hours after the ride, Grospellier’s fiancée discovered the first symptoms. The couple immediately isolated themselves and called the hotline to check their COVID-19 status.

However, the ambulance came to them only in 2 weeks (on March 18), and they received the test results more than a week later. Both Jenny and Bertrand tested positive. At the same time, the poker player didn’t have any symptoms of the disease.

Bertrand’s fiancée shared details on the quarantine in their family on her Twitter page:

Grospellier’s fiancée twitter

The girl also added some photos to her posts to show that despite the disease she stays optimistic:

Grospellier’s fiancée

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