Emotional Rollercoaster: Game of Gold's First 3 Episodes Captivate Audiences

Olga Iermolcheva at Game of Gold by GGPoker

The Game of Gold show by GGPoker has barely started, but it has already become a real hit among the poker community and beyond. Today, the third episode out of twelve planned was released, and everyone is very actively discussing the events that took place there.

"It's really cool that the show is free on YouTube so that everyone can watch it. Add a format where everyone has to drink every time Maria Ho swears! Michael Souza looks like a nice guy, I want to be friends with him. And Iermolcheva is stunning. Destroy them, Olga! Every time she says 'all-in,' I get chills," Patrick Leonard wrote on the social network.

"Really cool done. My podcast should be renamed and I should just discuss each new episode in it," Matt Berkey is satisfied too.

"Brilliant ideas and implementation. Poker fans can really get to know players for who they are outside the tables. And I like the non-poker part even more! Can't wait to find out what's next," commented Phil Galfond.

In response, one of the participants of the show, Andy Stacks, assured Phil that there are still many surprises ahead, and Galfond himself should definitely enter the show next season.

There are currently 16 participants in the show, who are divided into four teams (spades, hearts, clubs and hearts). And things immediately get serious: after four rounds of SNG tournaments, the weakest team will be determined. And all four of its participants, according to the rules of the show, will leave the game. In the first round, Ukrainian poker player Olga Iermolcheva didn't leave her rivals at the table a single chance and confidently won. But then things went worse for her team, and before the start of the final round, Olga's team took only third place out of four.

Everyone can follow the events of the show directly on Youtube, on the GGPoker channel. New episodes of the show are released on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

It is also worth noting that on the day of the release of new episodes, GGPoker is holding a festive freeroll in its room. The password can be found when watching the show or on our special page.

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hope that Negreanu wont bust out! cause without him its not quite interesting to watch!

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Oh, thanks for telling about the freeroll, now every time an episode comes out I will take part in it. By the way, they give away good tickets there, and those for 6 dollars it’s really easy to win.

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