Esfandiari is ready for a battle with Kevin Hart

Poker bet

​Last year for the first time, the poker community heard about the bet between poker player Esfandiari and boxer Hart. There is no quarrel between the guys, but they decided to make a boxing bet, where even serious injuries are possible.

Given the best sport training of Hart, Esfandiari’s winning coefficients look disappointing: 35 to 1.

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Antonio understands that his chances are extremely small, but he couldn’t refuse the gambling bet:

"As a professional gambler, I just can’t turn down a good bet. When somebody offers me 35:1, I just can’t say no. How can I? Yeah, I’m not athletic. I’m a skinny Persian. And he’s a great athlete, in incredible shape, who has been boxing for a while. I’m not a favorite by any means, but at 35:1… I can’t turn it down."

The battle was supposed to be held in March, but it was postponed to mid-April by mutual agreement. The height is one of the few benefits of Esfandiari. Antonio says that he will choose the defensive tactics of the game in the hope of knockout punch.

Initially, the battle was supposed to be held in the presence of public, but then the guys decided that to hold it behind closed doors. Despite this, Kevin Hart still invited the operators in order to catch this event on camera, so that everyone will have an opportunity to see the battle on the video.

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