Euro's Match Pick'em at RIO Poker: special prizes for EURO

Euro's Match Pick'em at RIO Poker

Are you going to celebrate the European Championship? Rio Poker invites everyone to do it with them! Starting June 11, every game day will start with voting on the match of the day. Poker players will be able to earn additional prizes by choosing a certain match winner correctly, based on their opinion.

Besides, players who make correct predictions throughout the tournament will accumulate points. To note, the top ten will receive awesome rewards.

The promotion began with the Turkey vs Italy match, and those who selected the winner correctly, received an additional 25% rakeback for playing any games at RIO Poker during the day. It’s magnificent, isn’t it?!

Daily Prizes

The poker room will be running three (separate) daily promotions throughout the tournament. These promos will be launched on the calendar day of every football match.

There’s one more thing you will definitely like. RIO Poker has prepared a surprise to cover days when there are no matches: players will receive additional rewards depending on the day following the break. Let’s imagine there are no matches on June 24 and 25. The prizes for these two days will be determined on the grounds of the match on June 26.

You will get your additional reward if you predict the winner properly, based on an announcement for each specific match. To check a complete list of matches, go to the official website of RIO Poker.  

25% Extra Direct Rakeback

Also, there will be direct rakeback days. On these days, players will earn additional rakeback of 25% for playing any games in the room on that given day.

The rakeback will be calculated in the following way: 100% Gross Rake * by .25.

The corresponding payouts will be credited to players’ accounts within 72 hours once the promotion is ended.

Splash the Pot: Double Winnings

Would you like to boost your poker bankroll? Double Splash the Pot days will help you reach this goal. The poker room will double all your winnings from Splash the Pot on a certain day. For instance, if you win €50 under the Splash the Pot on June12, then you will be given a €50 credit within 72 hours once that day is ended.

Cash Booster

Cash Booster days is also something you would not depart from. On these days, RIO Poker players will receive additional cash rewards for completing 3 levels (or more) of a specific Legends rank. Depending on the rank, you can receive between 5 and 750 euros.

According to the Cash Booster policy, poker players can only receive one cash award. The reward will depend on the highest rank achieved by a player over three levels. For instance, imagine the player has completed two levels of Hearts. In this case, they will receive an extra 15 euros from the Diamonds Booster, as Diamonds was the highest rank where the player achieved 3 levels. Here is what you can get for each rank:

Euro's Match Pick'em

Overall Leaderboard

Each time a player properly predicts a winner, they will get one point towards the overall leaderboard. At the end of the Championship, ten players who manage to earn the most points will be awarded additional rakeback for playing any games in the room from June 11 to July 11. The amount of additional rakeback depends on your position on the leaderboard.

On top of that, the lucky top 10 will be able to use Elite content provided by Run It Once Training within one month. Also, the top 5 will have access to one of From the Ground Up courses by Run It Once. This package covers the following courses: "From the Ground Up: PLO", "From the Ground Up: NLHE", "From the Ground Up: MTT", and "From the Ground Up: SNG".

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