Fans Express Discontent with Streamer Nemo's Invite to WSOP Paradise

Poker streamer Nemo to participate at WSOP Paradise

Very soon there will be a large-scale poker festival WSOP Paradise in the Bahamas, which will bring together celebrities from various fields from all over the world. And the first scandal related to it happened even before its official start. The fact is that the dissatisfaction of the fans and a flurry of criticism caused the decision of the organizers to invite the scandalously famous streamer Nemo to the series (her real name is Qiyu Zhou and in addition to poker, she is a chess grandmaster). The WSOP coordinators announced on Twitter that Nemo will be participating in the WSOP Paradise in December and immediately received a barrage of hate so strong that they even had to close the comment section.

The players remembered how a year ago Nemo raffled a package on the WPT worth $12,000, which, according to her, could have been won by any of her followers. But for some reason Nemo's boyfriend was the one who won. Of course, such rigging and manipulation of the results outraged the poker community, but instead of apologizing and holding the draw again, Nemo started a fight in the comments and banned anyone who disagreed.

Apparently, the organizers hoped that the fans had already forgotten about this incident, but everything turned out the other way around. Currently, comments under the post announcing Nemo's participation in WSOP Paradise are closed, but the announcement itself remains on the official WSOP page on the X-network. It is not known whether the organizers will change their decision regarding this invitation.

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maybe a scammer but really nice looking girl 

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