Female poker player is suspected of spying on FBI agents

Poker player Anna Khait

In the poker community, few people heard about American poker player Anna Khait until recently. She is primarily known for participation in the reality show "Survivor".

Now, her name is all over the poker community as she was mixed up in a scandalous incident related to US intelligence agencies.

The thing is, Anna is suspected of spying on FBI agents, commissioned by right-wing activists from the Project Veritas organization, ostensibly to discredit these agents.

According to the article published in The New York Times, her task was to go on dates with the FBI agents and record their negative comments about Donald Trump with a voice recorder and a hidden camera.

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The newspaper states that the organization’s representatives want to discredit activities of the US intelligence agencies in such a way. The organization was once again accused of working for the former US president.

On the other hand, The New York Times did not support their claims with factual evidence. If the poker player really "spied" on the FBI agents and looked for stuff that could compromise them, then it might well become a reason for initiating a criminal case. However, that did not happen.  

Anna Khait ignored all media inquiries regarding the situation. The "revealing" stuff provided by The New York Times is remarkably aggressive. The fact that Anna is from Russia served as another reason for the New York Times to connect Trump and his supporters with the Russian Federation. As evidence, the newspaper refers to the words of former Project Veritas employees who allegedly "shared" this information.

It might have something to do with the fact that earlier (in 2017) Project Veritas provided tapes of a senior-level FBI counterintelligence agent and a bureau lawyer who worked on a Russian investigation and exchanged text messages disdaining Trump. Since then, the organization has repeatedly provided evidence of explicit political bias by individual FBI agents.

According to James O'Keefe, the head of Project Veritas, The New York Times is losing to Project Veritas in court: they are trying to tarnish Project Veritas in the court of public opinion.

James called the NYT article libel and said that they would have to answer according to the law for its illegal activities and aggressive propaganda in the US media. O'Keefe also accuses the newspaper of working for American intelligence services as part of the covert operation referred to as "Mockingbird", which has been taking place in the United States since the 1950s and is officially considered completed back in the late 20th.

Speaking of Anna Khait, she has earned only $12 810 in live tournaments throughout her entire poker career. Once, she has entered the ITM zone (115th place) of a WSOP event; her biggest career prize money is $3 000 for 110th place in the $560 tournament at the 2013 Borgata Poker Open Atlantic City.

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