Fish Buffet: everything about rakeback at GGPoker

Fish Buffet

Fish Buffet is a rakeback system at GGPoker that is divided into 25 levels and 8 different statuses. Earn the Fish Points (FP) for every $0.01 rake and get up to 50% rakeback, depending on your level.

As you progress to each new level, you can spin the wheel and win cash prizes. 

All you need is to register and download GGPoker client on your PC or mobile device and play for real money.

Rake structure

GGPoker rakeback system is divided into 25 levels. Each level has the required number of points for completing, as well as a time frame. All levels have an approximate average rakeback percentage and they are divided into 8 statuses:

  • Plankton is the lowest level. The required number of FP is 750. Time limit – 7 days. The average rakeback percentage is 15% and the prize money of spin varies from $0.75 to $2.
  • Goldfish is divided into 3 levels: bronze, silver, gold. The required number of FP is 1 000. Time limit – 7 days. The average rakeback is 17% and the prize money varies from $1.5 to $5. 
  • Shrimp. The required number of FP is 6 000. Time limit – 15 days. The average rakeback varies from 22 to 24% and prize money – from $6 to $30.
  • Crab is divided into 3 levels: bronze, silver and gold. The required FP number for completing is 12 000. Time limit – 15 days. Average rakeback varies from 25% to 27% and prize money – $12 to $60.
  • Octopus is divided into 5 levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond). The required FP number is 60 000. Time limit is 30 days. The average rakeback varies from 28% to 30% and the prize money of spin – from $60 to $360.
  • Whale is divided into 4 levels, each of which has 3 sub-levels (except platinum): bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The required FP number for completing is 120 000. Time limit is 30 days. The average rakeback varies from 41% to 50% and prize money – from $300 to $2 200.
  • Shark is divided into 2 levels: platinum and black. The required FP number is 3 000 000. Time limit is 30 days. Prize money ranges from $750 to $7 500 and the average rakeback – from 55% to 60%.

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Prize money of wheel

When shifting to a new level, you will be able to participate in the raffle of cash prizes. You can spin the wheel with prizes in "My bonuses" tab.

In December 2019, the system for calculating prizes in Fish Buffet spins has changed. Previously, the size of prize money depended on certain points: your play style, deposit, behavior and the table. Now, the probability will be the same in all prizes, which will even the odds of getting big and small cash bonuses.

All unused spins will be launched automatically 30 days after receiving, and the winnings will be credited to your deposit. In September 2020, the number of prizes was also increased. However, you need to accumulate more FP points to receive them.

Since the end of February 2021, the range of wheel prizes has been reduced to $120 - $1 200.

Special Platinum levels

If you don't want to spin the wheel, then GGNetwork team has prepared for you the special Platinum levels with a fixed rakeback.

You can voluntarily refuse the prizes of wheel, however, in order to get a fixed rakeback (go to the first Platinum level), you need to complete the two usual first levels of Fish Buffet within 14 days and generate $22.5 in rake. All 5 platinum tiers are presented in the table below:

LevelFP requiredFP payment structureRakeback percentage
Platinum Fish$1 for 500 FP20%
Platinum Octopus750 000
$1 for 285 FP35%
Platinum Whale1 500 000$1 for 200 FP50%
Platinum Shark3 000 000$1 for 182 FP55%
The Platinum 5 000 000$1 for 167 FP60

If you want to go back to the usual level system, you can do it at any time. This rakeback system is well suited for the regulars who don’t want to participate in the raffle and want to know the exact amount of rakeback.

Terms and conditions of the promotion

  • Fish Buffet reward program is carried out on the permanent basis.
  • You get 1 FP for each $0,01 generated in rake.
  • If you failed to collect the necessary FP number within specified period, you will be demoted to the previous level.
  • In the case of fraud, GGNetwork has the right to conduct an appropriate investigation and disqualify the player.
  • In the tournaments with overlays, the fewer number of FPs will be awarded that correspond to the overlay amount.
  • If the player didn’t collect enough FP for entering the new level or keep the current one, he will be paid 10% of the total points earned at that time.
  • Prizes of the wheel are credited immediately after their raffing.
  • Fish Buffet also counts your online casino bets.


Will my progress be saved if I move from the Special Platinum levels to the regular ones?

No, you will have to generate rake under the standard Fish Buffet status system again.

How can I check my status in the loyalty program?

In the game client of the poker room, click on the Fish Buffet tab that is in the lower right of the screen. By clicking on the button, you will immediately see your status.

What is the minimum and maximum rakeback percentage that I can get?

Fish Buffet system provides the minimum rakeback of 10%, while the maximum rakeback can be up to 50%.

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