Flopzilla: Software Review

Flopzilla calculator

Flopzilla is an incredibly useful program designed to evaluate your hand strength and elevate your post-flop game. 

It's also one of the most popular poker software aimed at helping players understand how specific hand ranges interact with a particular type of flop.

Parsing hands you've played helps you pinpoint and eliminate leaks (weaknesses), ultimately leading to more profitable actions and a higher win rate in the future.

Moreover, this tool allows you to analyse both real hands and generate random (hypothetical) scenarios. 

Practice shows that you won't need any program as often as this one.

Currently, F-Zilla offers support only for Hold'em – no-limit and fixed-limit formats – in cash games and tournaments (MTT, SnG, and Spin & Go). The product's interface is in English. Now, let’s discuss the software features, versions, and license costs in more detail.


Major Features of Flopzilla

Using the software is quite simple: you specify your pocket holding and board cards (flop, turn, river), and it provides the probability of making a particular combination. The best part is that all the tools are conveniently located within a single window, making it easy to navigate the interface, even if you are new to using this poker calculator.

Starting Hand Matrix

This is a chart of all possible hole cards, which consists of 13x13 squares (a total of 169 starters). All hands are divided into two categories: the upper triangle – suited, and the bottom – offsuit. A diagonal of pocket pairs goes through the centre (from the bottom right to the upper left corner).


You can select a hand on this list and see what equity it has both preflop and on the flop.

Slightly right is the slider in which you expose the frequency with which a specific starting hand enters the range.

Board (Community Cards)

The following section also consists of 52 cards that are arranged in 4 columns by suits:


After selecting a specific hand or a range, the first three cards you choose in the "Board" block will form the flop. The fourth element is the turn, and the fifth one is the river (they are not available in a trial version of the program).

Here's how the program works: you choose your two pocket cards, then community cards, and see how much equity you have.


This is the most important section of the program being discussed. It displays how often your hand will win in percentage terms.


​For instance, let’s say you assume that a player with a specified range will not always make a cbet (continuation bet) with a completed flush. Right-click near the “flush” label and set the desired frequency with the slider. Alternatively, if you believe the opponent never places cbets, you can click on the red checkmark to reset the filter.

Attention! The total equity of the range/hand for the selected board changes after each action you perform in the Statistics section. Please pay attention to these alterations and consider them in your calculations.

Dead Cards

In this field, you specify your hand or those cards that for sure won’t come on the postflop. For example, if your opponent has mucked AJo faceup, then you indicate those cards here. This is necessary for more precise calculations of postflop strategies.


By the way
By the way

If you are looking for a powerful calculator to parse post-flop behaviour for specified 2-way pots, we recommend checking out Simple PostFlop. It calculates optimal strategies adjusted for GTO poker, considering your opponent's range, your starter, and the board.


This section represents a training simulator for working on your game (an extremely valuable feature!).


The hidden Hotness block will appear when you expand the program to the maximum. It shows how the equity of a range changes based on the set community cards and considering potential cards that can come. To get more details, click on the specific element you are interested in.

It's not always easy to intuitively understand which card strengthens your hand and which one benefits your opponent. That's precisely where the Hotness feature comes in handy, as it helps you train and develop these skills.

Additional Options

Performing calculations is the primary, but not the only, function of the discussed software. It encompasses a variety of other beneficial features, including:

TabWhat is it responsible for?
RangeImporting/exporting starting hand chart in text format.
WeightDisplaying % of times a user enters the pot with the provided hand range.
Saving/LoadingSaving and loading of predefined ranges.

How to Save F-Zilla Ranges

Step 1
Step 1

In order to save ranges, you should open the "Save/Load" tab and choose "Export predefined ranges".


A text will appear in the window. You need to copy it and then paste into the "Import predefined ranges" window on another computer.

Step 3
Step 3

To save hands with post-flop information, use the "Export save file as forum/email test block" option in the "Save/Load" tab.

For a better understanding of how to use F-Zilla, we suggest that you watch the following video:

Cost: Standard and Flopzilla Pro

Every individual has the opportunity to download Flopzilla calculator and test-drive its limited functionality (one can indicate cards only up to the flop stage – turn and river pieces cannot be entered) free of charge for 7 days. The manufacturer offers this trial so that people can explore the software before purchasing.

The perpetual license costs $25. It allows you to install the tool on two computers, meaning you can use it simultaneously on two devices with a single subscription.

Important notice!
Important notice!

You must be the owner of both computers, as sharing activation keys with others is strictly prohibited.

The price also includes the HoldEq equity calculator, which integrates with FZ (version 1.7.0 or newer). It enhances hand range analysis capabilities and comes at no additional cost.

What is FlopzillaPRO?

It is a new and upgraded edition of the discussed calculator. The first beta version was released in July 2019. At first glance, the programs seem the same; but the PRO variant provides a broader range of features and performs calculations with incredible speed, delivering near-instantaneous results. Here are the additional capabilities:

  • Intuitive interface. 

Developers have taken care of maintaining the same interface as in the standard version. Thus, all books, videos, and other educational materials will remain relevant. This will make switching to F-Zilla Pro much more effortless.

  • Extremely swift calculations. 

It performs equity calculations much faster than regular FZ. They are made instantly for heads-up pots, and if you are in multi-pot mode, then all calculations will be ready in 1 second. FlopzillaPro is currently the only poker calculator capable of providing equity calculations in such a short time.

Flopzilla Pro

  • Group mode. 

Groups have become available in the upgrade edition. When switching to group mode, you will notice that different hand types have different colours of filters. It’s a practical feature, as it visualises the ratio of made combinations versus drawing hands.

Flopzilla Pro groups

  • New multiway mode.

One of the most significant advantages of Flopzilla Pro is the ability to make calculations for multi-pots. The traditional version of the calculator doesn't allow working with multiple ranges at the same time. Players are only able to parse the game against one opponent. Here, you can enable a multiway mode and perform calculations between 10 (or more) different hand ranges. There are a few data-out modes available to players: charts, equity tables, graphs, etc.

Flopzilla Pro multiway pot

Important! Since more than two participants are in the hand, you should consistently narrow ranges for each player. If you apply filters incorrectly, then hand analysis will lead to erroneous results and reduce the value of all work on the game.

  • Export and import using GTO+. 

The program can interact with a GTO solver referred to as GTO+. You can instantly "move" ranges from one program to another by pressing a key combination Ctrl + F in GTO+, and then active ranges will be exported to FlopzillaPro. It is also possible to import from GTO + and export to the version being discussed through the "Play against the solution" mode.

  • Detailed breakdowns of preflop statistics. 

It provides breakdowns of preflop statistics in greater detail. If you want to know how often your range hits a paired offsuit board, then you will definitely like this new feature. Moreover, detailed breakdowns of flop statistics have been added. With it, you will know how many types of each flop exist.

Player to note!
Player to note!

Access to the PRO level is exclusive to owners of the standard license. There is no additional cost for upgrading to the new version.

Compatibility with Poker Rooms

Since users input cards manually, they can use the calculator regardless of whether they are playing live or online. However, it's important to note that the best online poker sites typically prohibit running it alongside their active gaming client. The brands mentioned below are on the list:

  • PartyPoker
  • 888poker
  • GGNetwork skins

We advise you to confirm this information with the customer support of your chosen platform to avoid any risk of being banned and having your funds confiscated.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Easy and reliable equity calculator and starting hand range analyser.
  • It is perfect for both newbies and experienced players.
  • Has a colourful and user-friendly interface.
  • Has a wide selection of settings.
  • Improves players’ hand-reading ability.
  • Doesn't require online room compatibility.
  • The program helps players develop an understanding of the hand ranges as well as teaches them to better define their opponents’ strength on the flop.
  • There is a trial version provided for 7 days.
  • The license key is provided on 2 devices.
  • Despite being entitled to register the program on two devices, you have to be the owner of both devices. It is prohibited to share the FZ licenses with other players.
  • It is prohibited to use the tool when a poker client is active.

Professional Opinion on the Software

Each player can hone their skills not only through constant practice but also by using modern software to improve game performance and calculations.

Most players limit themselves to collecting stats in real-time and using HUDs on different poker sites. Such features of popular programs are certainly useful, however, they do not give you a clear idea of ​​how a particular hand will hit the flop. F-Zilla can answer this and many other questions.

Famous poker player and coach James "SplitSuit" Sweeney considers the discussed program «an extremely robust piece of software that makes answering questions easy», and he «cannot live without» the Pro version.

SplitSuit believes that if you want to have an idea of how your opponent’s range is going to hit or miss the flop, then you definitely need this program. The guy also states that the basic way that players would use FZ is to visualise their opponent’s range/flop and see how often their bets need to work and how often their bluffs need to succeed to break even.

Final Thoughts

F-Zilla is an excellent tool for intermediate/advanced grinders, but micro-stakes players will also find it highly beneficial. With this soft, you will better understand ranges and improve your win rate. So purchasing the app is a great investment of money. Many online rooms don’t allow using it while their client is open. However, you can freely leverage it before or after your sessions.

If you aim to become a strong player, trackers like Hand2Note can also be beneficial.

🍏 Can I use Flopzilla for Mac?

This calculator is currently only developed for Windows OS. The only way to run FZ on macOS is to use additional tools such as Boot Camp, Parallels or alternatives.

🔑 Is there any fee for upgrading from a standard license to Flopzilla PRO?

No, there is no additional charge for that. Both versions come bundled together and are available for a single price of 25 US dollars.

🎭 Flopzilla vs Equilab: what’s better?

While their functionality is similar, F-Zilla provides broader capabilities for refining your understanding of ranges. It is more informative, covers a more sweeping set of scenarios, and allows for greater flexibility and setup. Unfortunately, its free version is very stripped-down. After the trial period, it functions as a regular equity poker calculator.

If you play micro-stakes, Equilab will suffice as a starting point, and it is available for free.

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