Flush in poker

A flush – one of the popular poker combinations. It is easy to explain poker flush combination: this is 5 cards of the same suit. 

In poker there are 4 suits in the deck: 

  • hearts ♥
  • diamonds ♦
  • clubs ♣
  • spades ♠

Each suit consists of 13 different cards (6-9, ten, queen, king and ace). So a spade flush, for example, is any 5 spade cards out of possible 13 spades in the deck.

As you know, the odds of making a set from the flop are about 12 percent. This is a fairly high percentage, which is why the set-mining strategy is quite popular at various limits in poker. But the chances of making a flush from the flop are not so high – only 0.8%. Much more often you will flop a flush draw. This is a combination that is missing one card to a made flush, that is, 4 cards out of five.

Many novice players find it difficult to understand the strength and sequence of poker hands. And a common misconception is that a straight is stronger than a flush or, for example, a flush beats a full house. Remember that a full house is stronger than a flush, but a flush is stronger than a straight. So in flush vs straight, flush always wins (at least in regular no-limit hold'em).

There is another important question – how to determine which flush is stronger/higher? If two players at the table have a flush, then determining the winner is quite simple. In such a situation, the higher flush wins, that is, we compare them by the kicker. The flush with an ace wins versus the flush with a king. If the highest card (kicker) for both players is the same, you need to compare the second highest card.

Note: The hand 5h-10h-8h-2h-Kh would be referred to as a King-high flush (of hearts).

Remember that when comparing two flushes in regular no limit hold'em, we are comparing kickers, not suits. The strongest flushes form separate combinations – straight flush and royal flush (the strongest combination in poker).

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