Former Arsenal striker: «I have lost £6 000 000 playing poker»

Nicklas Bendtner 2020

Nicklas Bendtner is a professional footballer, former striker of the Arsenal F.C., based in London. Now, 32-year old Nicklas remains as a free agent.

Together with his girlfriend Philine, the footballer has created an entertaining show named «Bendtner and Philine». In it, the ex-Arsenal star reveals details of his life. This has not been without poker stories.

£6 000 000 lost by playing poker

Niklas told viewers that he had started to play poker at the age of 19, and that he had lost about £6 000 000 since that time. The Dane used to receive a good salary at the Arsenal F.C., which allowed him to play expensive games and fight against professionals.

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According to Bendtner, he has no gambling addiction, and all these games were just a sort of an expensive entertainment. Nicklas has spent a lot of time playing poker, but at some point, the situation became critical, and he could have been in big trouble.

Fortunately, the guy managed to get through the hard times, and he stopped playing such expensive games. At present, Bendtner only plays home games with his friends, and the minimum bet is around $14.

In general, there have been many scandals in Nicklas’ life. In 2018, he beat a taxi driver and was sentenced to 50 days’ imprisonment, and during the celebration of a goal at Euro 2012, he showed his underpants that featured an advertisement of a betting shop.

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