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Freerolls with passwords schedule

Freerolls with passwords are special free tournaments, to participate in which you need to know the code word. Thus, the room limits the number of players in the event. Password-protected tournaments are considered more attractive than regular freerolls, as fewer players gather in them and you have more chances to grab a big win.

Schedules of Freeroll passwords for today, next week and month will help you to always be aware of private tournaments and allow you to play them without losing time to search for passwords on the Internet.

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Passwords for Freerolls

Password-protected freerolls are special free tournaments, in which you need to enter the correct password (code word) to play.

What is a password?

A password is a secret code that is required to access a private freeroll. It must be entered during registration in a free tournament. It is unique to each freeroll. On this page passwords for access to free tournaments are regularly updated.

The password field opens when you try to register. If you do not enter anything or enter the wrong word – you can not play. Always check the spelling of the code characters, the case of letters (large or small), the presence of numbers, etc.

Not all private tournaments require a password, to participate in some of them you need to enter a certain code when registering at the poker room or fulfill other conditions.

Why do we need passwords for tournaments?

Poker rooms hold freerolls with passwords in order to limit the number of participants in a free tournament. So there are poker freerolls available for everyone, but also there are ticket tournaments and those that are available to a certain circle of people (private). Password-protected tournaments are a kind of private games, in which only those players who get a password in one way or another can participate.

Where to find freeroll passwords

Passwords for participation in freerolls can be obtained in various ways:

  • on the official page of the poker room on social networks (Twitter, VK, Facebook, etc.);
  • on the forum or in the comments on the site;
  • by subscribing to certain pages/groups/public pages on the Internet;
  • by receiving individually, in a letter or message from the room, affiliate, other company;
  • by completing the required additional conditions.

But the easiest and most effective way to get a password for a freeroll is to find them in our schedule of free tournaments with passwords. Here is a list of freerolls and codes to participate in them from all the most popular poker rooms: PokerStars, 888poker, PartyPoker, PokerDom, RedStar, Coral, Americas Cardroom and others.

Some passwords are known immediately as a tournament appears in the lobby, others are published a day/a couple of hours/a couple of minutes before the event.

Is participation always free?

Some password freerolls are not available to all room players, but require additional conditions to be met. For example, you must register or be registered from an affiliate, have a certain VIP-level, make a deposit, join HOME Games, complete other additional conditions.

Sometimes poker rooms include in a category "freerolls" tournaments of $0.01.

What can be won in such games:

  • money (the most popular prizes);
  • tournament money or tickets;
  • a ticket to a specific tournament or satellite (qualifying tournament) for a more expensive event;
  • package for participation in a live tournament;
  • branded gifts from the store of the room;
  • other things: clothes, gadgets, etc.
  • other prizes and bonuses.

Benefits of password-protected freerolls

Free poker tournaments with passwords have a number of advantages compared to regular freerolls, which anyone can play. Major advantages:

  • less participants;
  • bigger prize pool.

Of these factors, other advantages come up: you have a better chance of winning and getting into prizes, while less time is spent on playing in a tournament.

How to find  freerolls with passwords in the lobby

In each poker room, freerolls with passwords stand out differently, but they are always in the tournament lobby. If you do not know the specific name of the tournament, you can find it using filters. First select the games marked as free: "freerolls", "buy-in $0", etc. Then specify "with password" if the room has such an option. If not, pay attention to the lobby. Tournaments in the schedule are indicated by different colors and symbols, the decoding to which can be found at the bottom of the lobby or when you hover the mouse over them.

Password-protected freerolls in poker rooms are often denoted by a lock icon.

In some rooms (for example, PartyPoker), freerolls with passwords do not stand out in any way, and you only learn that you need to enter something in order to play when you start to register in it.

Freeroll passwords schedule

On our site you can find passwords for the best freerolls in different rooms including jackpot freerolls. Just put a tick in the left column in front of the "Password" and the room/rooms that interest you. Click "Show" then.

In a split second, you will receive the schedule that interests you.