Frenchman turned €5 into €1 000 000 at PokerStars

Frenchman hit a big jackpot at PokerStars

​Recently, PokerStars has launched million-dollar jackpots and many poker players decided to have chance to make a fortune and get opportunity to win a very large prize money in a short time.

Some days ago, a lucky hit occurred in life of the 60-year-old poker player from France who played in Spin & Go tournaments for €5 at PokerStars French version.

The player under the nickname "NIKITAANNA" (real name Albert) played in Spin & Goal tournament from Neymar and he suddenly hit a million-dollar prize.

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Albert didn’t notice immediately that jackpot prize appeared on the screen, but later the player realized his incredible winning in the amount of €1 000 000.

The fight for impressive prize money didn’t last long. Within 11 minutes, "NIKITAANNA" defeated his rivals and earned the coveted million.

According to the winner’s words in a short interview for PokerStars French version, Albert plans to continue working and such a winning has become "a substantial increase in his pension".

"NIKITAANNA" has four children and four grandchildren, so he has someone to pamper. He wants to invest a part of his winnings, and other part will be given to his family and relatives. The players who took the second and third places in this tournament were awarded with €100 000 each.

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