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Frequent change of tables in search of a good one...

Hi,  guys!

Today I again changed the table several times in search of a better one. But this time I found a good table, with a couple of crazy players.

Once I was at a good table, I decided to stay and play. I got pocket Aces twice but I couldn't get full payment.

Here the opponent paid handsomely for the flop and turn but didn't pay for the river. He probably had a flush draw.

One hand that ruined my resulе.

But soon I had the opportunity to win a big Bank.

A couple of crazy hands. The opponent was in a tilt and put All-in practice with either hand on the pre-flop.

I was unlucky here, pre-flop all-in:

But another crazy player got lucky against a tilted opponent.

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Vetal user
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I got pocket Aces twice but I couldn't get full payment.

60 and 33 bb in pot with AA, not so bad.

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Maximus0410 user
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But half of it it's my bet)))

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